The Garden Club

The Garden Club Monthly Workshops based at the Garden Project headquarters in Oropi, Tauranga.

Next meet is March 31st  2022.. we can plant a winter garden, make a wee clay bowl, prune a plum tree and learn ,ore about another plant family.  Please email me to secure your spot or for more information..x Sally 


Have you been struggling to get your home garden really cranking? do you dream of it being really lush and strong and a place of sweetness not pressure? Then The Garden Club is for you! 

We would really love to have you on board at The Garden Club and I know this is going to be a really rich and lush opportunity to not only learn about all things regenerative gardening but to support and encourage each other to take the learning home and get stuck in! 

Lets come together to learn about what is growing and what needs doing in the garden in real time as it is happening. We can share hands on practical knowledge and tips to keep your garden growing through the seasons so you can go home and apply what you have learnt to your own garden... Great idea huh? We can keep each other accountable, set goals, encourage and support. You can bring your questions and we can brainstorm ideas. This is an awesome opportunity to really get stuck into your garden with lots of regular help along the way!

We will practice gardening and cover topics like soil building, composting, cover crops, the nutrient needs and support of different crops, glasshouse set up and management, natural swimming ponds, natural fertility, liquid fertilsers, medicine gardens, picking gardens, food gardens, orchards, design, permaculture, propagation, biodiversity, no-dig, plant guilds, chooks, sustainability.. and any thing else we can dream up! 

The cost is $50 per person, per day. Families are welcome please email for more info.  Workshops start at 10 am with a delicious morning tea and finish at 1pm.

Call Sally to learn more..

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