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I love our Regenerative Gardening Workshops! I look forward to sharing ideas about organic regenerative fruit and vegetable gardening, bio-intensive gardening methods, mulching, composting, growing great soils, green manure crops, integrated pest and disease management, shelter belts and hedgerows, natural homemade fertilizers and fertility. As well as ideas around garden layout, design and starting and maintaining home orchards.

We run the gardening workshops from our Oropi home but are happy to travel if you have a garden and a group that are keen to learn regenerative gardening practices, please call me to inquire about this workshop option.

Client Feedback..."I came home really wanting to make my garden a priority again as healthy nutrient dense food is one of my main reasons for having a garden! I have always wondered hoe to better improve the plants knowing the soil is important but really having no idea of how to achieve it or how important it actually is! so thanks for all the amazing knowledge you shared!"
-Kate, Papamoa

"It was so enlightening and has really made think about gardening and our soil in such a different way!" - Laurel , Te Puke

Next workshop will be in march 2021, Please follow us on Instagram to hear updates

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