Personal Garden Coaching Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, Papamoa

Struggling to know where to start? 

Love the idea of growing your own food organically but need some help to get going?  

You want to learn how to grow soil and increase fertility naturally?

You have a garden design and want to implement it yourself?

I really love this part of my work, it makes so much sense to me to coach you to learn to garden your own land. This is a more intensive, one on one, garden specific version of what you could learn in my Garden Workshops. This could be a one-off coaching session or a regular coaching appointment. Please give me a call discuss your project and we can talk options and gardens.

....cover crops, composting, pruning, native regeneration, no-dig gardens, mandala gardens, permaculture, wicking beds, formal english garden, prairie gardens, outdoor kitchens, glass houses, swimming dams, food forests, biodiversity, companion planting, home orchards, plant guilds, picking garden, medicine gardens.... 

We offer a variety of personalised garden coaching options

Client feedback

We came into garden coaching with Sally thinking gardening was about growing plants but came away knowing it is really about growing soil. 

Chris and Helen Dennet

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