Garden Design Coaching

Let's work together to create an inspired landscape that really brings you pleasure. We can brainstorm and really thresh out ideas for uncovering and creating your dream landscape. We work through a series of garden design questions that invite you to examine how you really want to use your land, what you need from it, and all the factors that could affect this, what plants you like and feel a connection too, thus really working in collaboration to bring out the best in your property. 

Garden design consultation is a really rich and enjoyable process and I thrive on it! Think abundant food gardens, sleek, pretty easy care ornamental  gardens, orchards, revegetation zones, outdoor rooms, ponds, pool, potagers, sheds , cottages, income or fancy! 

 Please call me to discuss your project and check out the following packages...

You can upgrade these packages at any stage and pay the difference. 
 Prices includes travel in the Bay of Plenty between Kati Kati and Te Puke.

 All packages have been thoughtfully put together from years of experience working for existing clients.

We offer a variety of personalised garden design consultation packages...

Seedling Package $295

the start up package for those who just need ideas to rethink their space and get practical advice, notes and images to get them started

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Sapling Package $895

a more comprehensive design package that includes plant sourcing and placing and ongoing support and accountability 

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Tree Package $1595

The Dream Team! This is where together we create a truly inspired design for the garden that YOU want and then we work together to implement the design and THEN I offer ongoing  virtual support to keep it healthy and easily maintained!

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Forest Package $1750

All the beauty of our Tree Package with the added opportunity to pay the abundance forward by gifting a Seedling Package to a  family or organisation that you nominate!

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The Sapling Package

This package is designed to really check out what is happening in your garden at present, how you use it and what you dream of doing in the future. We nut out together the direction you want to head. I will give you lots of inspiration and practical ideas to help you. This includes detailed follow up email notes and images to document all that we have discussed so you can refer back to them and keep motivated.

 The Sapling Package includes 

  • 2 hour Epic onsite Garden Design Consultation
  • Comprehensive follow up email notes and images board
  • 5 phone or email support sessions to support encourage you on your garden journey
  • 2 hour plant choosing and sourcing sessions
  • 2 hour onsite plant placing plant session
  • 1 hour 'after install' follow up session to see how you are going and offer support.

The Tree Package

This is the 'next level' package where we really dive deep into how you want to use and experience your space and what you want it to look like. I 'hold your hand' though the whole process of design, implementation and ongoing maintenance and care support. 

The Tree Package includes the following..

  • 2 hour onsite consultation
  •  follow up email notes and images boardon going phone and email support sessionsplant choosing, and sourcing session
  •  2 x 4 hour implementation sessions
  •  1 hour onsite follow up session 
  • 6 months of email and phone support.

The Forest Package

The Tree Package is for those of you that love your new garden so much and are so enriched by the experience that you want to pay the abundance forward by donating The Seedling Package to a family or organisation of your choice! 

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