I want you to really love and be enriched by your landscape so in turn you really take care of it. I specialize in designing, implementing and maintaining gardens. I thoroughly enjoy being with people in there slice of paradise, talking trees, flowers, food gardens, native regenerative gullies, home orchards, systems, chickens, ducks and everything in between. I am passionate about raising your land and garden fertility naturally by growing the soil and protecting it. I like to work collaboratively with clients so that together we create a really productive, efficent, functional and beautiful garden.

I offer a range of services to help you make the most of your garden. My rates are between $45 and $70 per hour depending on service, please contact me about the following…

Garden Coaching


i would love to coach you to learn to garden your own patch

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Creating, Implementing and Maintaining


i am happy to do the hard gardening work so you can sit back and enjoy it

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Consultation & Design


lets work together to dream up a magnificent landscape that changes your life and looks after the earth

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