Rose Pruning

Now is the time to prune your roses! 

We prune roses now now so that the new buds bursting come away in the warmth of spring and become the new strong healthy growth for the coming season. 

The following are general rose pruning basics.... 

  1. cut away any dead wood right back to the wee shoulder at the base, please don't leave any nubs sticking out, these inevitably rot back and create a disease entry point to the plant ( see diagram)
  2. then cut away any branches facing inwards.
  3. then cut away any shoots that are thinner than a pencil (unless this is all we have!)
  4. then we identify between 3 and 5 main healthy shoots with nice even spacing so everyone has room to breath. 

Now....we need to prune more specifically to the type of rose we have, for example, standards, climbing, rambling, carpet and bush roses.

For bush, vigorous climbers and standard roses I think if we bring these 3-5 main shoots back to 30-40cm long and make an angled cut 2-3 mm from a nice OUTWARD facing bud we really set the plant up for good airflow and health. 

Rambling Roses are a bit different as you keep the main leader of your rose attached to you wall or structure and prune back to that, same steps 1-3 apply and then leave maybe 10 cm and prune to a bud facing in the direction you want the shoot heading. 

Carpet rose are generally so robust you can prune them non specifically with hedge pruners but they do thank you if you take the time.

I try to prune on sunny days and I always feed my roses with sheep pellets and heaps of compost and mulch and give them a really good regular drench of Liquid Biologically Activated Seaweed,  Fish and Neem oil (for more info and to purchase click here) this help keeps disease to a minimum and  the plant with enough energy to keep on blooming for months!


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