The Autumn Garden to Do List

Autumn in the garden is a time of giving back to the soil; the leaves fall, crops die off, the rains come, and the sun becomes more gentle. It feels like a time of rest but for the soil the work is just beginning!

"Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can" Arthur Ashe. 

What breaks down all that greenery from a resplendent summer? The Soil Biology!  All the microscopic bacteria, fungi , protozoa and other tiny critters. So now is a great time to think about what we can do for the soil life to keep it happy and warm through to spring..

-aerate your garden beds with a long tined fork by gently digging fork in and lifting without turning soil over 

- pile on the horse poo, compost, garden waste

- spray a liquid feed of Biologically Activated Seaweed (available in our online store) worm castings or anything rich in diverse biology (soil life)

- cover the soil up with straw, weed matt, and green cover crops .  (this protect soil from heavy rains and reduce weed pressure! ) and stay off it until your ready to plant again.

- keep the weeds down in your path areas by cleaning them of weeds and then covering with a good 10cm of woodchip mulch or sawdust. This keeps them tidy and means you don't have such a big job come spring resurrecting your vege patch. 

- it is also a great time to spray a liquid Biological Seaweed spray on your fruit trees, as where the leaves fall off is an entry point into the heart of the tree. (buy here)

- if you have had fungal issues in your fruit trees over summer it is time to use a copper spray now

-feed up your citrus with ash from your fire, Biologically Activated Seaweed , neem oil ( available in our online store ) and cut the last of the comfrey before it becomes dormant and lay it about its roots.

- keep planting parsely, coriander, spinach, mizuna, rocket, pak choi, lettuce, cabbages, cauli, peas, carrots and broccoli in a warmer spot in your garden or glass house if you have one.

- have you anything flowering in your garden? if not maybe add this to your garden plan - some winter flowering plants like rosemary and  pineapple sage, to add colour and feed the bugs and bees.

Please get in touch if i can help you with your garden x Sally Lyttle


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