Protecting your Clever Healthy Soil

Did you know that in a teaspoon healthy soil there are more than 6 billion micro organisms?  Wow! Did you know that it is these precious critters that make all the nutrients available to our plants?  This totally blows my mind and makes me treat soil really differently! 

We have been working hard to grow our soils, making and adding compost, planting , watering, feeding and now we need to cover it up and protect it. 

Leave no soil uncovered!! Mulch Mulch Mulch! with whatever you can get your hands on.. peastraw, barley hay, silage, haylage, seagrass, pulled seedless weeds, cardboard, leaves , woodchip on your paths and flower beds and perennial crops (not your vege beds though)...not only will this reduce weed pressure, it will reduce evaporation, increase diversity, add organic matter and most of all it will protect our soil biology, the tiny wee microorganisms. Be Soil Framers!


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