Keeping our gardens strong and healthy over summer

Liquid Foliar Feeding
Liquid Foliar Feeding

The soil has warmed up and we have been busy planting our summer crops. Now is the time to really crank up our regular liquid  feeding of our soil and plants. We are asking a lot of our garden to flourish through the hot summer to bring us a bountiful harvest and  this helps strengthen plants and soil against any  pest and disease pressure .  I like to fill my back pack sprayer up with liquid seaweed, comfrey tea, worm wee, fish hydrolysate, milk  and neem oil and in the cool of the morning pretty much saturate all the plants in my garden and orchard. I do this 2 weekly over spring and summer and it works in the same way that regularly taking multivitamins and eating fermented food does for us. It is easy to make your own liquid brews by filling a big drum or bucket with water and adding animal poo, seaweed and herbs and allowing to seep for a few weeks. Take some of this liquid out and pour it through a sieve into your spray pack or watering can. With home made brews it is hard to know the concentration to use  so we say dilute to the colour of "weak tea' as a guide. . It is a lovely time to "zone' into your garden and wonder around observing while spraying.. what did you spy?

(note- once plants have started fruiting I stop using Fish Tonic , as its nitrogen content promotes very strong green growth but not fruiting)


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