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I work with you to design ornamental gardens, stunning outdoor rooms, food gardens, orchards, native regeneration projects and lifestyle block systems. I can help you to create a really rich, efficient and engaging garden experience. We can do that through consulting with you on your land, I can coach you to do it for yourself on your own plot or you can come to one of our workshops in our garden! I love nutting out with you how to get the most from your property. I am super passionate about creating outdoor spaces that increase your families happiness and about lifting the fertility of your land naturally to grow magnificent plants, reduce pest and disease pressure and to protect and build soil. 

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Understanding Soil Basics

We are only just learning about the magic of our soil I am so excited to learn more! Healthy soil is made up of mineral particles, organic matter, air, water and living organisms. These ingredientsRead more

Maximize Your Seed Growing Success!

I am an energetic starter of things and I am learning to be a sustained keeper 'goinger' and finisher! But it is a steep learning curve! So when I discovered this simple trick I knew my seedling gameRead more

Rose Pruning

Now is the time to prune your roses!  We prune roses now now so that the new buds bursting come away in the warmth of spring and become the new strong healthy growth for the coming season.  TheRead more

The Autumn Garden to Do List

Autumn in the garden is a time of giving back to the soil; the leaves fall, crops die off, the rains come, and the sun becomes more gentle. It feels like a time of rest but for the soil the work isRead more

Protecting your Clever Healthy Soil

Did you know that in a teaspoon healthy soil there are more than 6 billion micro organisms?  Wow! Did you know that it is these precious critters that make all the nutrients available to our plants?Read more

Keeping our gardens strong and healthy over summer

The soil has warmed up and we have been busy planting our summer crops. Now is the time to really crank up our regular liquid  feeding of our soil and plants. We are asking a lot of our garden toRead more



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